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The different elements
comprising the project are:

  1. Works on paper: gouache, pencil, colored crayon.
  2. The Icon Series: A group of assemblage boxes.
  3. Small scale sculptures
  4. Xerox/computer generated series.
  5. A diaristic journal of images, text, and aphorisms.
Distraught Mother

Family Icon

The Philip Portfolio takes a political and subversive look at motherhood. It lays bare the feelings and emotional conflicts that lurk beneath the societal veneer that women are encouraged to maintain at all costs.

Philip on the Bed
Mother and Son
Marcia and Philip Philip on the Bed Mother and Son

When You Were Born Did Your Mother...
If I Don't Do It ...
I'm Suffocating When you Were
Born ...
If I Don't
Do It...

Portrait of the Artist as a Mother ...
Distraught Mother
Captive Mother Portrait of the Artist
As a Mother
Distraught Mother

The artist traces her struggles over an extended period of time. A myriad of mediums are employed in the interest of getting the material out in an honest and direct way. Scale is relatively small, a reflection of the need to achieve continuity within a limited amount of available studio time.

The Hours
How Much More Baggage
Doll Series The Hours How Much

Fabric, sewing, and clay reflect a subtext about the traditional role of women as caretaker, homemaker, and child's playmate. Gouache, pencil, and computer technology round out the vision.  

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